Ashley Bickerton: Ornamental Hysteria

Ashley Bickerton (b. 1959, Barbados) was a member of the Neo-geo group of artists in New York 's East Village at the end of the the 1980s alongside Jeff Koons, Peter Halley and others. He's lived in Bali since 1993.

Ornamental Hysteria spans more than three decades of artistic production and features 51 of Bickerton's works, including new and previously unexhibited pieces. This is Bickerton's first show in the UK since 2009 and runs at Newport Street Gallery until 20 August 2017.

“Painting is far too cartoony and lacks the backbone of factuality; photography is too clinical and incapable of loony launches into the ether; and sculpture can be just downright presumptuous. […] Only in their combination do I find comfort.” - Ashley Bickerton

Ornamental Hysteria, Installation view, Newport Street Gallery