Marina Núñez's illuminated astral bodies

The work of Marina Núñez ( b. Palencia, Spain, 1966) explores the self within the context of acute changes in contemporary society triggered by rapid advances in technology. The anomalous bodies taking over her paintings, computer graphics and video pieces reflect ever-changing, hybrid and multiple identities. As such, Núñez advances the idea that 'otherness' lies at the very core of being human.

Marina Núñez: El Fuego de la Visión
Sala Calle de Alcalá 31, Madrid, Spain
17 Dec 2015 - 27 Mar 2016

Installation view, Marina Núñez: El Fuego de la Visión, Sala de Alacalá 31, Madrid.

Maria Núñez: El Fuego de la VIsión from ArtworldNow on Vimeo.