Kinetica Art Fair in East London

By Martin Macdonald

Helson and Jackets, Help Me Obi, 2013. Courtesy of Kinetca Art Fair and the artist.

Converging art and technology, Kinetica Art Fair explores electronic, kinetic and new media art. The fair's sixth edition brings together exhibitors from over 16 countries at East London's Truman Brewery from 16-19 October 2014.

Hans Kotter, Home Sweet Home, 2012. Courtesy of Kinetica Art Fair and the artist

Many of the works exemplify universal concepts. Their performative and often interactive nature allow for spectators' to engage with these on various levels and activate the works. As such, this physical dialogue also results in a subjective exchange of ideas.

Tim Lewis, Mule make Mule, 2012. Courtesy of Kinetica Art Fair and the artist


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Paul Friedlander, Wave, 2014. Courtesy of Kinetica Art Fair and the artist.