ArtworldNow's Hong Kong contributor Serene Fu selects her favourite pieces:

He Xiangyu, Death of Marat, 2011
Fibreglass, silica gel, clothes. Life-Size, Edition 3

Zhang Ding, Cat, 2013

Stain steel, paint, copper. 39 X 63 X 14cm. Ed.3 +1AP

Miyanaga Aiko, Letter (Hong Kong), 2013
Naphthalene, resin, mixed media. Dimensions variable

Sun Xun, A Country Based on Whale, 2014
Mixed media. Dimensions variable

Duane Hanson, Chinese Student, 1989
Autobody filler, polychromed in oil, mixed media with accessories. Life-size

Oscar Murillo, Untitled (Yoga), 2013
Oil, oil stick, and dirt on canvas

Katsura Funakoshi, Dancing as a pupa (Homage to a dancer), 2001
97 X 84 X 80 cm

Gu Wenda, United Nations: Hong Kong Flag, 2014
Human hair, glue, rope. 197 X 122 cm

Yu Cheng-Ta, The Letters (Live Performance), 2014
Media Installation

Patricia Piccinini, The Comforter, 2010
Silicone, fibreglass, steel, fox fur, human and animal hair, clothing. 60 X 80 X 80 cm