14 - 20 April 2014  

Mattu Pongal 27. Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, India by Daniel Naudé (b. Cape Town, South Africa, 1984) forms part of the artist's solo exhibition Sightings of the Sacred: Cattle in India, Uganda and Madagascar at Stevenson, Cape Town (10 April - 24 May 2014).

Naudé has photographed cattle in societies where these mammals are revered. This position stands at odds with the Western world where cattle are considered sources of milk, meat and leather.

Daniel Naudé, Mattu Pongal 27. Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, India, 2014
Archival pigment ink print
Image size: 60 x 60cm
Paper size: 70 x 70cm
Edition of 8 + 2AP

Image size: 100 x 100cm
Paper size: 112 x 112cm
Edition of 7 + 2AP 
Courtesy of Stevenson, Cape Town. ©
Daniel Naudé