Moniker Art Fair 2013

Moniker Art Fair, with its roots in urban culture, is venue-sharing the Old Truman Brewery with London's leading artist-led fair, The Other Art Fair. Known for showcasing artists operating under the radar of the traditional art establishment, Moniker runs from 17 - 20 October.

works by Hugo Farmer, Shepard Fairey and Mark McClure

Various works on display at Moniker Art Fair

Andrew McAttee, represented by StolenSpace, London. 

David Shillinglaw, represented by Moniker Projects & Scream Editions

D*face, represented by StolenSpace, London

Ryan Callanan, represented by Moniker Projects

Sas Christian, represented by Coates & Scarry

Vinz, represented by Andenken Gallery & Kallenbach Gallery

*Images courtesy of Moniker Art Fair