ArtworldNow's Hong Kong contributor Serene Fu selects her favourite pieces:

Khanh Cong Bui (Vietnam)
The Past Moved, 2010
Charcoal on paper backdrop

San Yuan and Peng Yung (China)
Hong Kong Intervention, 2009

Imran Channa (Pakistan)
Age of Mythology, 2013


Navid Nuur (Iranian-born Dutch Artist)) and Adrian Ghenie (Romania)
The Possibility of Purple, 2013
(Winners of the Discoveries Prize)

Gao Brothers (China)
Mao's Guilt, 2009
Ultra giclee print

Gabriel Kuri (Mexico)
Er (Giving and Spent), 2012
Steel, lacquer paint, wooden matchsticks

Susumu Koshimizu (Japan)
Paper, 2013
Stone and paper

Zhu Jia (China)
The Face of Facebook, 2011

Zhang Xiaogang (China)
Child Soldier, 2013
painted bronze

Sterling Ruby (US)
Vampire 30, 2011
Fabric and fibre fill

Miriam Bohm (Germany)
Match, 2012
Chromogenic colour print

Melati Suryodarmo (Indonesia)
Dialogue With My Sleepless Tyrant, 2013